Health care

Futuro Valdivia runs a medical clinic which is the hub of our health care programs directed mainly towards women and children. Needs are far larger than our resources. We offer general medicine and tests for laboratory analysis five days a week, pharmacy service six days a week,  pediatrician, mid-wife and an ultra sound specialist one day a week. We also have programs for:

-children suffering from malnutrituion,

-HIV-prevention through information programs at school,

Eliminating malnutrition is the key step to long term development

-individual counseling for people with reactive HIV-tests and a self support group for people living with HIV,

-early detection of uterine cancer,

-education and support to people living with diabetes, with special emphasis in children,

-a visiting cardiologist about every two months for heart patients,

-planned minor surgery every three months in a mobile operating unit; by December 2012 a total of 1236 operations had been coordinated in our area.

See our Blog “Two medical students” October 26, 2011 and “A great experience” May 7, 2012.

The above programs generate costs that are not nearly covered by the patients and  Futuro Valdivia can implement programs only as donations are received. Needs are far greater than available resources.

If you would like to become a donor, please let us know by e-mail to and we will proceed from there.