Export of handcrafted products

The world famous Panama hat is a genuine Ecuadorian product

E-mail your design to her and you get your own product.

There are many skilled craftsmen in Ecuador, where different regions have their  own specialties. Colourful textile weavings, carpets, blankets, scarves, hammocks and belts are created in various parts of the highlands where they are sold in traditional markets.

Skilled silversmiths are found in the highlands as well as in the coastal area where silver jewelry is often created combining silver with mother of pearl and spondylus, a shell found in the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean, historically the currency of the culture.

Ceramic products are created in highland and coastland alike. The Venus of Valdivia is a famous symbol of the well-known coastal culture.

Tagua is a unique material, also called vegetable ivory, a potato sized nut growing in the coastal area and well suited for the crafting of bracelets, necklaces, rings and decorative figures.

High class leather and leather products, such as bags, belts and shoes are manufactured in the highland.

The Panama hat is manufactured in Ecuador from paja toquilla, a palm growing in the coastal mountain area where it is processed. Hats are manufactured in Montecristi on the coast and near Cuenca in the highlands.

The export of hand crafted products requires design input and contacts with international buyers, two aspects beyond the reach of the local craftsman. Futuro Valdivia is working in a fair trade approach to help create an international market and at the same time jobs for Ecuadorian craftsmen.

Interested? Write an e-mail to jsmedmyr@futurovaldivia.org and tell us how we can collaborate to create markets for Ecuadorian hand crafted products!